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The reasons Women having an affair

When my wife back in touch with mantannya, it could be that he wanted to try to feel again the passion that makes it art when still young first. My husband is having an affair was quite a lot, but my wife is having an affair is also not a few. According to a study conducted by Coffee and Company, a marriage Bureau in the United Kingdom, from about 3 thousand female respondents, at least 20 percent of women admitted to having an affair. While the studies that established the site AskMen finds 5 percent women never or are an affair of his partner, while less than 3 percent of men admitted had or is having an affair. Why women having an affair? Here are his reasons:

According to expert relationship, Seth Meyers, Psy D, psychologist from Los Angeles and author Dr. Seth's Love Prescription, men have devoted just as cognitive for women. However, this did not stop a woman for cheating. Instead, there are some women who feel like revenge if her partner is having an affair. The man is not emotional, so usually they can't feel pain the same except he felt his own pain, so said Bonnie Weil, Ph.d., author's Adultery: The Forgivable Sin. The woman was having an affair is a way to equalize.

Looking for increased adrenaline
An affair is an experience against routine, thrilling, and even some say, a release of stress. A woman having an affair is sometimes just want to get the pleasure to have more than 1 man who loved him. Generally, a wife will try to explain and tell her husband that there is a problem in the relationship they. If the husband could not successfully help address the problem of the relationship, or just respond to at a glance, the wife of then having an affair because felt he had no other choice.

Boost ego
Who is not worshipped and praised? Generally, men selingkuhan will try to make the woman feel so great with all the words and praise for making her feel sexy and stunning does not like what is done by her partner. An affair is often happens in relationships that make the wife doesn't feel connected emotionally with spouses who now.

If a wife feel neglected or feel squandered by her husband, he will become brittle and easily ran into infidelity, either emotionally or physically, a man who makes her feel special and desirable. When the relationship between the pair had already been tightened must each be trying to hurt the ego, and this will open the door to the problem.

To find a love affair
The relationship that has lasted a long time is very different from a new relationship begins. The chemical is full of love will flow increasingly lost the longer the relationship is created. Decreased sense of love that can not be denied, and it could happen, but it can be made to stay warm. It is important to keep and maintain the chemical remains lit despite loving relationship has long been intertwined. For example, by making the kiss 30 seconds and cuddle 20 seconds, which could increase the level of endorphin. The conflict created a passion, a marriage that is too "adem-ayem", a rare penalty opinion, rarely penalty arguments, rarely remove the contents of the heart, it can lead to the infidelity of one. It certainly does not mean conflict it must apply every day and every moment.

Want discovered
Most women see the affair as a hole on the flight, especially the wife who had no children. If he already has a child, it would be difficult for a woman leaving her husband without guilt. But the guilt it will diminish if not he who started the separation. Consequently, the wife will find ways to reduce stress and guilt by way of an affair, her husband would leave her anyway.

Bored with the sexual life
The couple have been together all this time often complained that the relationship of seksualnya not sehangat once again, the fact is no more sex. This could encourage women to seek other ways to satisfy his desire. Sometimes the woman having an affair because it felt there was no spontaneity in conjunction again. Sexual boredom could be one of the manifestations of it. Passion to make the relationship more often and different type could make the young woman is having an affair. The wife was still in his early twenties or younger can lead to infidelity as men, they also want sex more often, sex, or curious what it's like having sex with a man who isn't her husband.

Feel yourself
When a feeling that she and her husband no longer has an interest, he would find himself into an emotional affair with a man who has an interest. However, the emotional infidelity can be quickly rolled to a higher level and be a sexual indiscretion. Not a few women who cheated on her to fill the void. According to Weil, an affair raised a feeling of loneliness and emptiness. This is a form of hunger would have a relationship.

Want to repeat the past
Sometimes, the former girlfriend reminds a woman how it feels to be a beautiful and desirable. Because the future of dating the former that the women feel young, sexy, loose, interesting, and back to life, the women wish to return to feel all that again.

Attention and adventure
Women easily can feel wasted, after working 24 hours at home, take care of the children, clean the House, even some work in the Office as well. Women need to feel appreciated and hungry for validation. They want to find the fun once in a while. A woman who feels empty and hollow in her marriage was an easy prey for the type of "bad boy".

According to some psychologists argue, if you are looking for reasons mainly why women having an affair, most of the reasons it may actually be overcome with a husband who would take the time to be more loving, caring, loving, and cooperative. A woman who is happy in his marriage would not be having an affair.


Editor: Nadia Felicia

Source: associated press

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