Monday, March 7, 2011

Charlie Sheen's Show "' Uns" "

Charlie Sheen with Bree Olsen (left) and Natalie Kenley, and Bob and Max. — Powerful men who claimed to have once slept with 6,000 women. After various ulahnya is embarrassing (among other drunk while naked, having an affair, threatening to kill his wife, and consume illegal drugs), still the adaaa ... just women who want to become his partner.

Now, the man 45 years makes this behavior again. He invited a reporter from NBC's Today Show to luxurious leather seats in Los Angeles, Wednesday (28/2/2011), to show how warasnya he currently. In this House, Sheen lives with two of his new girlfriend, a former nanny of his son, Natalie Kenly, and porn star Rachel Oberlin aka Bree Olsen.

"Women never menghakimiku," said Sheen explains why he chose the two women became his partner. "They do not impose his opinion or his needs themselves all the time. They are honest enough to tell me, ' Hey, know enggak, don't be shedding nonsens. You have to help me overcome this '. And we sort it out. "

When a recording is taking place, Sheen and both her lover posing bak family a peaceful and happy while hugging the twin sons of his wife, Brooke Sheen Mueller. He claims to not worry later Bob and Max, his two sons, will respond to all his deeds.

"I gave an example and teach children what is right and wrong," he told the gossip site TMZ. "If the correct version and my fault is different from the others, then my children will be different as well."

In fact, last week Brooke (33) was moved to this House and join with Sheen and his second for a vacation to the Bahamas. However, Brooke came home first after a fight with her husband.

Because his wife is currently not being at his side, Sheen admitted to both dewinya that together deliver the twins. He himself doubted the ability of Brooke in parenting and questioned his habit of drinking alcohol. Sheen admitted to not use illegal drugs in the House when there are children. For that he even invites the doctor to test the water art and prove that he is "clean".

Somehow the fate of the family later. The Superior Court of Los Angeles was issued an order to ban this guy are in a radius of 90 meters from his wife. However, Sheen is precisely determined to get the right child custody in full. It's an intricate family.


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Source: The Daily Mail

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