Sunday, January 16, 2011

Venezuela Little Dog Named Hugo

Colombian soap opera titled "Chepe Fortuna" seems to make infuriated Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez. You see, the soap opera that reap multiinterpretasi because the names of characters in it.

There are leaders there Colombia. Then, Colombia has a sister who became secretary. According to AP and AFP news on Saturday (01/15/2011), the woman's name Venezuela.
Well, coincidentally, Venezuela has a little dog. His name is Little Hugo. Approximately pet's name is indeed similar to the name of President Chavez, people said.

In one episode of that soap opera, Venezuela loses his dog, Little Hugo. However, Colombia said to him, he's better off without the dog.

This episode came as both countries are improving bilateral relations. They normalized relations last August, shortly after President Juan Manuel Santos, in power in Colombia.

Venezuela's telecommunications regulator, Conatel, said the secretary's character repeatedly linked with a crime, like interference, and vulgar attitude. His attitude is not spread gossip and profanity, he said, showed "a disgraceful manipulation to demoralize the people of Venezuela".

Conatel ordered Televen television channels to stop the program Thursday night. However, television channels that have not submitted a response to the request.


Meanwhile, the producer of soap operas, Miguel Angel Baquero, denies its program to encourage political attitudes that are not tolerant. "This is a tradition of folklore with the aim of entertaining people and showing how humor people call the sisters Colombian coast that Colombia and Venezuela," he said.

This is not the first time criticized the ruling Televen Venezuela. In 2009 television was ordered to stop the American cartoon series, Family Guy, because it is considered approved use of marijuana.

Earlier, in 2008, the channel was forced to play the movie terlevisi public service as a punishment after the broadcast episodes of The Simpsons, a cartoon series from America, which is considered inappropriate for children, in the morning.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in Venezuela with the media watching closely. Therefore, the opposition accused him of trying to avoid political coverage that indicates dissatisfaction with the public.

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