Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ashanty - Anang Hermansyah

Jakarta Ashanty and Anang Hermansyah they immediately issued a single duet. On his way to build chemistry, Ashanty already familiar with the figure of Anand. How-impression impression?

"Mas Anang was a good person, very family man at all, care about family and children,"explained the singer of the song 'Liar' is when talking with detikhot recently.

In addition to the person responsible for the family, Duda Kris Kristofferson was also assessed as being focused on the job. Although as Single Parents, Ashanty see, Sam can still devote time to family, children and jobs.

However, when asked whether the figure included in the criteria Anand as a boyfriend or spouse, Ashanty still shy and avoided. He claimed to have not thought of that.

"I'm not arrogant precedes the will of God. If I said no, but God willed the other, I do not want to talk kemakan own. I just followed the power of God wrote," he replied.

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