Saturday, December 3, 2011

Foto Cut tari terbaru

Cut Tari started again be emcee. This time, he appeared as a host in the event of a company. Cut Tari was tempting the entrepreneurs in attendance. Wow!

Wearing a red dress, Cut Tari appeared cheerful conversation among entrepreneurs. When the session door prizes, he also looks tempting a winner.

"Ah mah see the father who brought his case, instead of choosing his suitcase," she joked during the show at Epicentrum, Brass, South Jakarta, Monday (24/10/2011).

Door prize winner was required to choose a briefcase containing the gifts brought by beautiful women. During her time as host, wife of Johannes Joseph Subrata it looks very cheerful.

Finish the show, Cut Tari also involved discussions with several employers. In fact, he also served when they ask for a photo together.

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