Tuesday, August 23, 2011

cerita 17 tahun

cerita 17 tahun Photographs showing the tattoo on the abdomen Syahrini again discussed. However, when confirmed, Syahrini also denied any tattoos.

Syahrini through the little brother of an assistant at the same time, denied Aisyahrani singer of 'I'm No Ordinary' has a tattoo. In fact he claimed to have seen the photos.

"Really circulating on the internet huh? I do not know. Syahrini baseball had a tattoo," he said when contacted by phone on Tuesday (23/08/2011).

In the photo Syahrini seen in action on stage, wearing a skimpy white shirt and tight blue jeans. He does look fun to dance with the microphone in his right hand.

I was so much fun dancing, leotards Syahrini was slightly exposed. As a result, the stomach looks to views of her tattoos. There are two photographs that clearly shows the tattoo Syahrini.