Friday, July 29, 2011

Cerita Dewasa Ngentot Tante Dewi

Cerita Dewasa Ngentot Tante Dewi As an everyday person who often spent time together, is well aware Nuril Anwar Mohammed Nazaruddin temperament. In the eyes of men who are now taking Pedidikan S2 majoring in Management at the State University of Jakarta (UNJ), it is a very Nazaruddin temperament.

"He was that his staff works not in accordance with his expectations, he could be cursed freely. I just never dikatain illiterate when told to make a letter, so he dictated over the phone," the story Nuril.

Nuril mentioned it when talking to Cerita Dewasa Ngentot Tante Dewi AFP in the area of ​​Tebet, South Jakarta, Friday (07/29/2011). Not only Nuril who often got scolded Nazaruddin, almost the entire staff, all-out once scolded by a man who is now a suspect in Kemenpora it.

In fact, according Nuril, Nazaruddin not only likes to berate and curse. Former Treasurer of PD was also once kicked Nazaruddin driver named Aan. "Aan was often kicked by Mr. Nazar, he is the temperament," said Nuril.

According Nuril, Nazaruddin also like people who have no fear of anyone. When the case started sticking and he began to destitute, even threatening Chairman Nazaruddin PD Anas Urbaningrum and Benny K Harman.

"When I was in Bali, it threatens Pak Pak Nazaruddin Anas and Benny, at that time I was there but I did not hear because I was away. But Mr. Nazar said to me, if he was just threatening, if he does not help he would blow up the matter World Congress 2010, "said Nuril.

However Nuril also do not know for sure what is meant by Nazaruddin boom at that time. However Nuril suspected, the possibility that it is meant Nazar-accusation accusation thrown Nazar in the media lately.

"And that he is not no proof, if indeed he did have evidence, please bring to Indonesia so that all clear," said Nuril who now claim to feel like cooling down after being made dizzy by Nazaruddin.

As a staff, claiming to know lunge Nuril Nazaruddin. Therefore, always set off wantinya Nazaruddin to never tell what he knew to others.

"But it was he himself who mentioned me from her Cerita Dewasa Ngentot Tante Dewi hiding place, yes I am disappointed," said Nuril.

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